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Assistance that makes your work easier while saving time and resources.

Assistance that makes your work easier while saving time and resources.

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Information on set-up and dismantling times for events on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds

Information on set-up and dismantling times for events on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds.

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Here’s how you can register to drive onto the exhibition grounds

Here’s how you can register to drive onto the exhibition grounds.

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How to ensure that your loading and unloading runs smoothly and on schedule

How to ensure that your loading and unloading runs smoothly and on schedule.

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Messe Frankfurt portal for stand constructors and event agencies

Important information about Covid-19

Messe Frankfurt Corona Health & Security Line

If you have any questions regarding Covid-19, please feel free to contact our Messe Frankfurt Corona Health & Safety Line. The hotline on +49 69 75 75 66 99 is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

At you will always find up-to-date information on hygiene and protective measures during our upcoming events. Ensuring the health and safety of all exhibitors, visitors, service partners and employees is Messe Frankfurt’s top priority.

Please always carry a face mask during set-up and dismantling. This ensures that the face mask can be easily put on if the minimum distance of 1.5 metres is not reached.

On the website of AUMA (Ausstellungs- und Messe-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V.) you will also find important recommendations for trade fair appearances in the time of Covid-19. In addition, FAMAB has summarized information about the construction of the stand here. The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) also provides information on occupational health and safety during Corona in numerous languages.

Please note that the relevant local guidelines apply to trade fairs in Frankfurt.

Important News 

++ Fairs postponed ++

Due to the increased spread of the corona virus in Europe, Messe Frankfurt decided to postpone our fairs after intensive consultations. Existing visitor tickets remain fully valid for the new date. 

The following new event dates have already been fixed:

The following events are cancelled:

  • Frankfurter Buchmesse (takes place digitally)
  • Cleanzone (takes place digitally)
  • Light + Building (will be held again in its normal sequence  from 13 to 18 March 2022)
  • White Label World Expo
  • Cosmetica
  • Marathonmall
  • Franchise Expo
  • Babywelt
  • FI-Forum
  • Fi Europe 2020 
  • Optatec
  • TechWeek

Further assembly and dismantling times will be announced as soon as possible. Please note the specific information on advanced assembly and extended dismantling.  

A hotline is still available on +49 75 75 66 99. The hotline staff will answer your questions about SARS-CoV-2.

You can find further information on our website.


++ Changed dates for Cleanzone and Hypermotion ++

Please note that the dates of the two fairs have changed. 

Cleanzone will take place on 18 + 19 November 2020, Hypermotion from 10 to 12 November 2020.

These pages provide you with all the most important information concerning set-up and dismantling on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds.

In addition to the set-up and dismantling times for various events, an overview of the maximum construction heights in each exhibition hall, and instructions for our ordering systems and forms, you will also find information on a range of services, including suspensions and trusses, that Messe Frankfurt offers for your specific requirements as a stand constructor or agency.

We report on event-specific information and important news about the Frankfurt exhibition grounds in our newsletter. Subscribe now.

Have you ever wondered why other stand constructors are able to complete set-up and dismantling more quickly?

Question mark

Messe Frankfurt and its service partners offer you the chance to optimise the set-up and dismantling of your stands in Frankfurt. We can provide you with a wide range of services quickly and easily, including trusses with lighting and other technical equipment, print your graphics large and small, or install various types of flooring for you.

Your advantage: Not only you can get straight to work setting up your stand the moment you arrive, but you do not need to worry about removing the items we've supplied when dismantling your stand – saving you valuable time and resources!

In the next paragraph you read which services we offer to support you.

What special services are available for stand constructors and event agencies?

Messe Frankfurt offers you numerous services on the exhibition grounds through a variety of service partners. We are happy to be able to assist you by creating the best conditions for trouble-free set-up and dismantling. Find out more about:

The latest news

Express surcharge from 2020

Messe Frankfurt is introducing an express surcharge as of 2020

Increased expenditures are required to provide certain services with extensive planning/personnel requirements at short notice. That is why we ask that you submit your orders by no later than 21 days before the start of the event. All orders for these services received after this date will be subject to an express surcharge in the amount of 25%.

Messe Frankfurt is switching to renewable energy

Messe Frankfurt is switching to renewable energy

As of event year 2020, Messe Frankfurt is switching over entirely to renewable energy. This will allow the company to reduce CO2 emissions by approx. 19,000 tonnes annually for the exhibition grounds as a whole.

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