Information for stand constructors and event agencies at ECOC 2024

You will find event-specific information for ECOC 2024 here.

Event date: 23. – 25. September 2024 Exhibition
Event date: 22. - 26. September 2024 Conference

Event website: and

Information on set-up and dismantling

Friday 20th September 2024
08:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs space only stands – Official contractor badges must be worn at all times
Saturday 21st September 2024
08:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs  space only stands – Official contractor badges must be worn at all times
Sunday 22nd September 2024
08:00 hrs – 21:00 hrs space only and shell scheme – Official contractor badges or exhibitor badges to be worn at all times

Please note:  On Sunday 22nd September 2024 the aisles must be clear by 14:00 hrs, building of your stand can commence until 21:00hrs but only within the perimeter of your stand.

Build up through the night is NOT possible

These times must be adhered to.

Here you will find an overview of the dates for set-up and dismantling.

Wednesday 25th September 2024
16:00 hrs – 16:30 hrs – official contractor DSV UK to commence return of empties
16:30 hrs – 24:00 hrs – Loading doors open for all other contractor/empties

Thursday 26th September 2024
08:00 hrs– 15:00 hrs

Please ensure that contractors are issued with contractor badges for breakdown.

Here you will find an overview of the dates for set-up and dismantling.

More informationen about ECOC 2024

Please be sure to note the following dates and deadlines:

  • Submission of stand construction plans requiring approval: 1st August 2024
  • Deadline for ordering suspensions: 5th July 2024
  • Starting date for the express surcharge on certain services: 2nd September 2024

Please understand that we can no longer guarantee orders received for the suspension and other services after the above-mentioned deadlines.

Please note: Express surcharge for some of its services starting on 02.09.2024

Express surcharge

We are happy to support your efforts to make your trade fair a success. To ensure that all services can be made available in a timely manner, we ask that you place your orders in the Shop for Exhibitor Services by no later than 1st September 2024.

Naturally you can also place orders shortly before the event or even while it is in process. Please note, however, that increased expenditures are required to provide certain services with extensive planning/personnel requirements at short notice. As a result, some services are subject to an express surcharge in the amount of 25% of the service price for all orders received 21 days or less before the event.

  • A floor plan of the ECOC 2024 you will find here.

Furthermore, we have placed three other plans (car parks and gates, services on the exhibition grounds, overview of goods lifts) on the Messe Frankfurt website for you.

Fahrzeugregistrierung bei der Messe Frankfurt

Accessing the exhibition grounds during set-up and dismantling phases

Messe Frankfurt’s new Central Traffic Management system has offered customer vehicles optimised access to the exhibition grounds during the set-up and dismantling phases of events. For this purpose, we ask exhibitors, stand construction companies and freight forwarders to register online in advance.

Once you have a print-out of the registration confirmation, you can go to the specified check-in. Please follow the signs from the motorway exit F-Rebstock (address for your navigation device: Bruno-Poelke-Strasse).

During the set-up and dismantling phase (incl. early set-up and extended dismantling), vehicles may only access the exhibition grounds through the check-in. Here, the check-in staff will see whether a loading zone is available for you. If it is, you will be given an authorisation form specifying the gate through which you can access the exhibition grounds.

Please note: In case of high volume of traffic waiting times are possible at the check-in!
Please note that only vehicles with an authorisation form will be allowed on to the exhibition grounds.

More information is available in the Check-in guide and the FAQs.

This is where we provide you with the event-specific guidelines. The Stand Construction Authorisation form and other technical factsheets can be found in the general information.

The ECOC team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The contact information of the organizer Nexus Media Events can be found here.


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